So Much Time So Little To Do

Big Pile of Poo

This weekend turned out miserably. We did nothing we set out to do – meaning we did not head to New York to see The National on Friday night. We did not drive to Charlottesville to see John Prine and Josh Ritter on Saturday. We did attend my wife’s family reunion on Sunday – in a chilly all-day downpour. What Fun!

Add to that a terrible night of sleep (I really shouldn’t even use that word) on Sunday night and A Big Pile of Poo becomes an extremely appropriate term to describe our 72-weekend hours. Our gal (not the baby!) was up, oh, about every stinkin’ hour screaming her head-off. She was uncontrollable and inconsolable. Zombie-esque? Freaky Evil Toddler? Yep, either one would work.

Last night, the Mrs. and I got a much needed night out alone. We headed to a soggy Philadelphia for a couple slices of Lorenzo’s pizza and the Wolf Parade show at the TLA (I refuse to call it the Filmore East at the TLA or whatever it is now called). What an awesome way to spend 1.5 hours. The band from Montreal played mostly new tracks, which were great and very well received by the loving sold out crowd, sprinkling in a couple gems from Apologies to the Queen Mary. They came out for a rockin’ 2 song encore, pleasing the masses greatly with “This Heart’s on Fire” and “You are a runner and I am my father’s son”. One of the best live shows I have ever seen. And I got a parking spot right outside the venue. That has never happened. So, the rain wasn’t all bad – it kept the usual crowd away from South St.

Tonight, we head to a soggy Longwood Gardens for a now indoor Justin Roberts show. Looking forward to this very much, as is my girl.

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*The pleasant, never helpful folks at Comcast, who told me I had 30 days worth of access to my old mail to move contacts, etc. apparently meant 3 days…so I lost all of my old emails and contacts. Lovely.

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