Random Toddlering

"The swing will be there for me in the morning"

An email I just received from my wife. She is at home, of course, with new baby, our 3 yr old and my mom…

“Oh, and I almost forget to tell you about her nap! She was outside on the swing after lunch, around 1:15 or so, and told your mom she wanted to come in because she was tired (imagine that!). They came in and she was kissing the baby on my lap and talking to me, and then she walked away down the hall, so I assumed she was getting something or playing in her room, etc.

After about 10 minutes, I decided to go check on her. She had climbed into bed and was under the covers, almost asleep! The bed was made, so she was lying on both pillows which were standing up, so I walked over to pull one of them out so her neck wouldn’t be stiff and she opened her eyes because she thought I was taking her pillow. I told her I was just fixing it, and I said I love you, sleep good. She looked at me & said “the swing will be there for me in the morning. Good night” She is so amazing.”

I second that sentiment.

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