So Much Time So Little To Do

Workin' Hard

I worked my rear-end off this weekend and was in bed before 9pm last night. Amazingly enough, I was actually able to move this morning (it was an even money bet that I would be as stiff as a board in the A.M.)

I weeded, mulched, shoveled for about four hours and then collapsed.

In between the work, we spent a few hours at a neighboring town’s annual Spring festival. The small independent businesses on the little main drag spilled out into the street, as did a variety of food vendors. There was a stage with bands playing and at the end of the strip was an X-Games style bike and skateboard show (which was awesome). Our girl loved watching the guys fly off the ramps on their bikes – some 25ft into the air. It was rad.

In the nearby park, there was a bunch for kids to do in the shade. A moonbounce and an ad-hoc mini-Mini Golf course for toddlers, which was pretty cute. Free face painting, $1 DIY-Sand Art and some assorted games. Mostly though, there was a lot of food. Free soft pretzels, cookies, brownies, and more. It was awesome. We must have walked a couple miles up and back and our girl walked all of it herself, no stroller or carrying (although she asked once).

Hope your weekend was as delightful.

Posts may be sparse this week. I have my final for school due, so much of my energy will be devoted to that scholastic endeavor.

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