So Much Time So Little To Do

Veggie fried rice in our toughtful spot (or Guess who is coming for dinner?)

Before I even get into the Dinner with Pooh, I am going to throw out my first ever OMG! (I have never put those three letters together before in my life, ALL CAPS or lowercase). When we first saw the Pooh evening advertised last week and talked to our girl about it she said she wanted to attend, of course, but immediately said that maybe next time Strawberry Shortcake will come for dinner. We thought that was sweet, but improbable. We promised her that if we ever saw or got word of a Dinner with Strawberry, we would be there. Well, the first thing we saw as we entered the supermarket’s cafe entrance was this glass case display:

Ms. Shortcake is comin’ to dinner – in two weeks! How awesome. Granted, it will be the modern version and we only know and love the old vhs tapes (we own them all) – but so what, it will be cool either way. My wife may even get a picture taken with her, she of red hair remains a huge fan of custard, pupcake, sugarwoofer and the rest of the original gang.

Shrek is coming in May. Seems this place has character dinners all the time, and it shows. It runs a like pretty well oiled machine. Each family is given a deli-style numbered ticket. We were 37 (and we were early). They call folks up to the character area in groups of 5. It took about 35 minutes (they said it would be about 1 minute per family and were right on) for our turn. While we waited, I modestly filled a tray with shrimp bisque, clam and corn chowder (I was in a soup mood – it was 45, cold and rainy tonight), veggie fried rice, chicken with broccoli and cauliflower and some mini egg rolls. We all had a bit of everything. It was pretty good stuff and a pretty nice time.

Brilliant idea for the supermarket. The place was packed, they gave away some Winnie the Pooh coloring sheets and had Pooh merchandise (balloons and such) for sale all around the food area). Someone deserves a raise for thinking of these characters dinners.

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