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Thoughts on storing baby clothes and spending a night in New York City

We used Space Bags to seal up and store away our gal’s baby clothes as she rapidly out-grew them. Made sense, really. We washed them, folded them and squeezed them into the clever clear bags and then rolled ’em up – effectively sucking the life out of the things. Well, we unzipped those baggies tonight to find the clothes rather stinky – a combination of baby vomit, spit up and old musky plastic. In general, very unappealing. So, we have to wash them all again now. Maybe we would have wanted to wash them anyway (I was hoping to not have to do so, since the W/D is my domain, but so be it), but we have no choice now – unless we want #2 smelling like #1’s puke (which we don’t…of course).


We were in NYC last night, a night without the kid. Saw Phillip Seymour Hoffman (my favorite actor) in Jack Goes Boating at the Public Theater. Great show. Had a terrific dinner at The Harrison. I went with the pork belly enchilada and the pan roasted pollack with Savoy cabbage, Serrano ham and celery root puree (with a side of potato puree – I love mashed potatoes with fish). Great place, meal and service. I filled out the comment card to rave about our experience and got an email from the manager less than 24 hours later thanking me for dining with them and taking the time to leave behind remarks. Nice touch. Something so simple really goes a long way in securing a loyal customer base and building word of mouth promotion (see it is working right now).

I finally got to Other Music, the sorta famous indie record shop on 4th St. I bought the new Ted Leo and Kaiser Chiefs records along with a Folkways collection of Woody Guthrie tunes. I really had a hard time picking only a few records. I wanted the new Andrew Bird, Menomena, Maria Taylor, the Decemberists DVD, and a couple more. I think I should have gone with the Bird disc instead of Ted Leo. I like Leo and his music but it is not what I am in the mood for right now. I rushed through before the play started and came out of there less than gleeful with my selections. I hate when that happens.

Happy Egg Day, y’all.

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