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The Pokey Pup – The Amazon.com of Kid's Music and Movies

What a clever idea. An e-commerce desitination dedicated 100% to connecting parents and their kids to interesting and unique kids music, books and dvds. And it is a great looking site to boot!

Check out The Pokey Pup and their current specials and contests to win free stuff.

  • Curious about Michigan? Trivia Contest (win A LOT of stuff, through April 20)

  • Terrible Twos “Owl” Contest (win autographed CD and poster, and a stuffed Owl)

  • Buy one, get one Enzo Garcia CDs

Buy PLAY the new kid’s music compilation from Desoto Records. All the proceeds will be donated to help Cal Robbins, son of J. Robbins (formerly of Jawbox, Burning Airlines). Cal was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. and could use our support. Thanks.

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