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1:30am – Daughter cries out – kinda sounds like she is gargling water.
1:31am – Dad retrieves Daughter from crib.
1:31am – Daughter vomits all over the right side of Dad’s face.
1:32am – Daughter is rushed to the bathroom, where she finishes what was started on Dad’s cheek and neck.
1:35am – Bath time! And all is seemingly normal.

I took one for the team. No throw-up on the crib/bed/floor. Just on me and my favorite red sleepy-shirt.

We all slept until 9am (quite possibly a record for the three of us). I run to the store for Pedialyte (after just tossing all the expired bottles of the baby Gatorade we had stored from last year). She holds down toast, applesauce and banana in the A.M.

She was really warm too, but that also has disappeared without the help of Tylenol.

We think we are in the clear.

So much for the reverse-jinx!

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