So Much Time So Little To Do

So I was listening to my iPod…

I made great time getting to school last night and as a result, arrived about 50 minutes early for class. So I was sitting on a couch in a common area, listening to my iPod and skimming this week’s City Paper (one of Philly two free weekly rags, which had just been published yesterday). I am listening to Midlake’s “Trials of Van Occupanther” when I finally get to the Paper’s entertainment listings and notice that Midlake is playing in Philly later that night. So I call my lovely bride who greenlights my spending a night out by myself at The North Star Bar, in the city’s Art Museum area. Pretty rock-n-roll, I know.

What a good show. The band was under-the-weather, all five guys, but you could not tell from listening to the music. They were air-tight as they played pretty much exclusively Van Occupanther tracks save for 2 oldies (from their one previous record) and 1 new one, called “Children of the Ground” (very good, could’ve been a leftover from the Van Occupanther sessions – it had a similar vibe to it).

I arrived home at 1:50am and rose for work at 7:10am. Yeah!

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