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Liar, Liar Pull-Ups on Fire

Why do kids lie? Where does the ability/desire/faculty to knowingly tell a fib originate? I am not talking about making stuff up, telling tall tales, and other silliness…but rather a slightly, even if it comes from a playful place to start, mischievous and outright lie. I have seen this in bits and pieces with our toddler. Did mommy say yes? Yes (a loud, ‘No I did not!” quickly comes from the other room) and other non-truths.

I was told a story recently by a friend whose four year old completely made up a story about her day at school. What made this odd is the level of detail she provided and her unwillingness to admit that it was categorically, 100% false (school confirmed not a single part of the tale actually occurred).

How do y’all deal with your young (and old) kids when you catch them in a lie? Any idea how they learn this behavior?

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