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It's her party and we'll have it at our house if we want to

The big 3rd birthday party for our little lady is this weekend.

What started out as potentially extravegant affair at a Justin Roberts concert in Philly has turned into a mildly, dare I say, boring event at our humble abode with pizza, soft preztles and fruit (with cake and ice cream too, of course).

In a funny aside, my lovely bride mailed half of the invitations without stamps – so we got those back yesterday. If only we put the guest addresses in the top left corner of the envelopes. Then they would have arrived as intended…for free!

We are asking the guests that they refrain from “toy” gifts and instead, if they would like to bring a present, give our daughter crafy items and projects, tracing paper, colored pencils (and a sharpener!)
She practices her etters every night. It is really something. She can write just about every letter, in upper and lower case, and read off the letters on my shirts. We figured more of these supplies would be the best gift possible right now, and not too expensive for family and friends.

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