So Much Time So Little To Do

A Night of Firsts

  • First NHL Game
  • First Red Wings Loss
  • First exposure to Guns-n-Roses
  • First time peeing in a dirty arena stall (3rd period, so it had been thoroughly used already)

What a terrible game for Red Wings fans. They looked incredibely sluggish, which after playing last night in Detroit, shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise. My brother scored me lower level seats for free yesterday afternoon. So the whole evening cost me $10 for parking. Thats $10 for each Wings goal I did not see because we arrived late. Yeah!

The tickets were $89 each, face value. Forking over $356 for a family of 4 to see a hockey game (1 of 82 they play during the course of a regular season) is just crazy!

We were running-in late, so naturally I left the camera and the cellphone (camera) in the car. And they do not let you exit and re-enter. So I have no pics of my gal’s first hockey game. Great seats too, 25 rows up from the ice behind the goal. Would have had some great shots of the Flyers scoring a ton of goals. Ugh.

The night belonged to ex-Red Wing and Flyer Keith Primeau who was forced to call it a career due to head injuries/concussions. They had a nice little ceremony before the game, which we heard on the radio driving towards The Center. We picked up a couple free posters of him in action once through the doors. There were a few fans hoarding at least 100 posters each. They were left by the gates in giant cardboard boxes, encouraging such excessive activity. Maybe they are planning on wallpapering a room with them (now I think of that!)

One more thing, for those who have been inside an arena to watch a sporting event recently…Does the between-play music need to be that loud. It’s kinda insane.

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