So Much Time So Little To Do

The Terrible Twos

I am pretty sure we are heading back, once again, to World Cafe Live in Philly this Saturday morning for another Peanut Butter and Jams Kids’ show featuring The Terrible Twos. The band was started by Matt Pryor, formerly of The Get Up Kids. Way back in a previous life, I ran a little record label and one of the bands on the label played with The Get Up Kids a couple times. This was before the word “emo” was being used in Apple commercials and before bands with that tag were playing 10,000 seat venues, as many of them are today. So it will be cool to see him playing to little ones now.

Turns out Pryor has a family of his own and made a kid friendly record called “If You Ever See An Owl”. The record is not out in stores yet but can be purchased on the band’s eBay store or on CDBaby (where you can also listen to the whole album for free).

Photos and review to follow.


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