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OWTK Monthly Music Suggestions – December 2006 (Special Holiday Edition)

OWTK presents a special Holiday 2006 Edition of the monthly music suggesstions. We have racked our brains to provide to you, our loyal reader, with four superb holiday tunes + one reading appropriate for your entire family. These cuts are not the standard Mall fare that had you pulling your hair out by the first week in December (if not sooner!). Enjoy the music and the remainder of the holiday season.

Stevie Wonder “This Little Christmas Tree” from 20th Century Masters – The Christmas Collection: Best of Stevie Wonder.

The Band “Christmas Must Be Tonight” from “Islands” (I just cannot make a link to this song. My futile efforts have delayed this post too long already – it is almost Christmas!). Trust me on this one. It is a great song by one of the finest bands ever.

Bright Eyes “Twas The Night Before Christmas” from “A Christmas Album”

Louis Armstrong “‘Zat You, Santa Claus?” from “Tis the Season” Compilation

Vince Guaraldi Trio “Linus and Lucy” from “A Charlie Brown Christmas – Original Soundtrack”

In addition to these tunes, I would encourage anyone within earshot of 103.9fm – WPRB in Princetown – or near a PC on Christmas day to tune into Jon Solomon’s 24 Hour Christmas radio show. You will hear some holiday music you have never, ever heard before. By the end of his marathon gig, he is so loopy and out of his mind – it is hilarious! Every year, Jon gives the world the a special gift – one of a kind radio programming. His show reminds me to be thankful for non-commercial, college radio. There is nothing like it, still.

If you would like to purchase any of these fine selections for your own music library, please visit your local independent record shop (should one still exist in your town). If you prefer to purchase online or digitally, click on either the Amazon.com or iTunes link to the right (you may need to scroll down a bit). By doing so, you will be helping to support this site (which you love deeply, we know). We will owe you a big hug if we ever cross paths. Thanks in advance!

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Disclaimer: If you are the artist, band, label, or publisher of a song featured on OWTK and would not like your track to be available in digital form, Simply email us and we will remove it.


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