So Much Time So Little To Do

Christmastime in Manhattan (in the Spring)

We were in midtown Manhattan for a few hours this morning. It was 60 degrees…on December 23rd…in the Northeastern part of the U.S.

I wish I was in shorts and sandals, while I watched folks ice skating.

We were in New York City today to see the Bitty Bear Matinee show at the American Girl Theater in American Girl Place on 49th.

We also enjoyed lunch in their cafe. Very fun time, although Bitty Puppy was a bit frightening and was considerabely louder than Bitty Bear and Bitty Kitty. I will most likely do a full blown review over on at some point in the near future. If you are planning a visit to American Girl Place be sure to keep an eye out for that article.

Baby Nora and Bitty Bear (my daughter’s friends) came along with us for the day.

We walked back to Penn Station, passing by Bryant Park. The park was filled with local merchants selling their handmade, artisanal and seasonal wares around a large free ice skating rink. The rink is bigger and less crowded then the famous one 8 blocks north in Rockefeller Center.


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