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Home Computer/Internet Placement – In or Out of a Child’s Room?

Should kids have a computer in their own room? I think the answer, across the board, is a unanimous NO. When the FBI is recommending that computers be placed in a common room, you know the matter is a grave one. There are far too many internet predators using sites like Facebook and My Space, among others, to infiltrate our homes and gain access to our kids. Parents may think that they can simply set some parental PC control or program in place and there will be nothing to worry about, but that is just not true.

Placing a PC in a child’s room, at any age, (assuming that room has a door on it) is dangerous and unadvised. John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted and victim of a child predator (his son was abducted), was on CNN’s Larry King program with the same piece of advice – do not even think about allowing a computer in a child’s room. has published a guide to safe internet use from the Center For Missing and Exploiting Children that echoes Walsh’s sentiments. The article goes on to explain, to adults who may not be web-savvy, what can and does occur online, discussing the risks and what can be done to minimize them, and provides an internet guideline for parents.

The bottom line is this: place a family computer in a common area where you, the adult, can walk past and keep an eye on what is taking place online. Even the best of kids, at any age, can fall victim to some of the evil that lurks out there – help reduce the risk by being cognizant of your child’s web activity.


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