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Unicef's Trick or Treat Campaign

Today we received a note from our daughter’s daycare/school announcing their participation in Unicef’s Annual Trick or Treat Campaign. While in France, we began giving her loose change (Euro then, but U.S. currency since – of course) and talking to her about money (that it is used to buy things, that we need to save it for special treats, etc).

The Unicef Trick or Treat program and it’s convenient classroom placement presents us with an easy opportunity to introduce the concept of monetary donations to her. We explained that some little boys and girls and their families do not have enough money to buy costumes, candy or toys and that it is our resposibility to assist in any way we are able. That way, we can help ensure that every child is able to frolic about in the same manner she will this season.

She is curious and is interested to give away some of the funds she has amassed. We have told her that we will match her donation dime-for-dime, quarter-for-quarter.

Making a difference really can occur with a single nickel and one small child leanring the value of money and the importance of giving some away to those less fortunate.


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