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Pumpkin Pickin' – An Autumn Tradition

OWTK is lucky enough to have a sincere pumpkin patch located just a couple miles from our home. This past Saturday morning, after our weekly trip to the West Chester Grower’s Market, we headed over to get caught up on our favorite Autumn activity – Pumpkin Picking. While we enjoyed our vacation in France last month, we feel as if we missed a huge chunk of the greatest of the four seasons – Fall.

It was enjoyable being on the hayride and out in the patch, among the thick pumpkin vines in a sea of orange. The weather this past weekend could not have been more perfect: brilliant blue skies, puffy white clouds, cool, crisp air and a bit windy. An ideal Autumn day.

Milky Way Farm has numerous animals for children (and adults) to interact with – cows, ducks, pigs and sheep (which can be pet). They also have a creamery on site, housed in a beautiful building (which often plays host to kid’s birthday parties). All the ice cream is delicious, homemade and uses the milk from their own cows. This enterprising farm has also published a children’s book starring their cows. OWTK has yet to purchase this volume, although we will certainly be pickin’ it up!
Most likely the book, titled “The Magic of Milky Way Farm”, will end up being a Christmas gift for our little one. We love to throw our support around to great locally owned and operated small business like Milky Way Farm.


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