Random Toddlering

Practice Makes Perfect

In an effort to teach, and then reinforce, manners and all-around nice behavoir, we have begun to ask our daughter if she wants to practice some of the little things she is struggling to do constantly. She loves the idea, gets super-excited and wants to “practice” over and over again.

Here are the topics we have been drilling, um, practicing with her the past couple weeks:

Saying excuse me when Mom and Dad are talking to each other.
An important lesson that every child (and some adults!) needs to learn. To practice, we will launch into an instant, mostly inane conversation and our girl will, at some point – usually after the first sentence or two, say “excuse me” with a big smile on her face. We will follow our thought to it’s logical (or quickest) conclusion and then turn to her and say “oh yes sweetie, did you have something to say”. Most frequently, she will just says “hi” and then giggles during these practice sessions.

Answering our call when out of the room/out of sight
It can be very disconcering not being able to locate a child, be it inside or out of the house. We now practice answering Mom and Dad’s call when out of our sight in this way: She will run into another room and wait for us to call her, when we do she comes running saying “here I am”. This phrase is usually accommanied with a big smile and a hug.

Answering “Are you ok”?
The “Are you ok?” question can be asked face to face or while a child is out of the room (after a crashing sound, for example!). It can be rather frustating and scary to have this earnest question go unanswered.

Consider “practicing” a behavior that your little one is having an issue with. Not only does practice make perfect, as the saying goes, but it also can make learning fun for kids!


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