Random Toddlering

My Halloween Night

The Mrs. and the little one did the trickering and the treatering tonight while I stayed behind putting the finishing touches on dinner and manning the door and, more importantly, the candy bowl in my baby blue Antonio Gates San Diego Chargers jersey (which is serving as my costume). This is the second straight year of such an arrangement and I must say that it is most peaceful. A dimly light house, just a half dozen candles burning, Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday queued up back-to-back on the CD changer and the Pot Roast in the oven… Ahhhh, relaxation. Only the occasional knock-knock breaks the mood, and that is okay by me.

I have been getting a little lazy on the dinner-front. I have recently begun bringing home from Trader Joe’s some pre-cooked/heat-n-serve rosemary and balsamic chicken and a pre-marinated Pot Roast, the later of which, along with peas and homemade mashed potatoes, served as our Halloween feast. I cannot help but imagine that this move towards easier to prepare and cook meals coming just as evening daylight is at a premium is not a coincidence. 5pm darkness surely seems to be reducing my desire to spend over an hour in the kitchen. Good thing Trader Joe’s food is so good and not too insanely priced.

The Pot Roast, in case you are wondering, was excellent. Cooked using the directions printed on the label (brown on all sides with olive oil then cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour). Tender and perfect. Yum.

The ladies came home with two bags of goodies (they only had one bag when they left…hmmm). Our girl wanted only one banana lolly, which we allowed her to eat with her dinner – alternating between meat, potatoes, peas, and an artificially flavored banana lollipop.

An interesting flavor dance in her mouth, I am certain!


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