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Fine Tune Hearing whilst Hiding and Seeking

I had an idea to spice up the ol’ Hide-n-Seek routine the other day. I figured it would be fun, trying to focus my daughter’s ears on where the sound of my voice is coming from. So, instead of running to a hiding spot and staying as still and quiet as possible, I would go into another room and talk in a regular tone, just rambling really so she could follow the sound. She would wonder around the house, paying close attention to the sound and where is it coming from: how far away it is, what direction it is originating from, what room it is coming from (for example, the bathroom with tile and such, it much more likely to echo and reberverate).

This is a fun way to play the same type of game your kids already know and love – only tweaked a bit. It could be a fun challenge for them to focus harder and allow you to teach them about sound, echo, distance and hearing capabilities.


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