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Trader Joe's Grocery Store – Kid's Scavenger Hunt

At our local Trader Joe’s store, in Wayne PA, there is a new addition to their TJ Kids program – a storewide scavenger hunt!

Kids pick up a colorful map of the store then proceed to search for wooden placards painted with a variety of different animals. At each station are numbered stickers to affix to the map. Upon completing the hunt, your child can turn his or her work into the customer service area where they will be awarded a small prize (our daughter was given a toy race car).

This program is in addition to the free Trader Joe’s balloons that are always available at each checkout lane.

OWTK contacted Trader Joe’s corporate customer relations and found that this scanvenger hunt is not a “company” wide program. In fact, the rep that answered our call had not even heard of it. A call to the Wayne, PA store yielded a few more details. It seems they caught wind of the idea from some other TJ stores (out in California, they believe) and implemented it themselves. The local Trader Joe’s customer service associate we spoke with added that, “one of the great things about working here is the freedom to start a game or program like the scavenger hunt” and that such initiatives are not merely corporate driven, top-down marketing ploys but fun ideas brought forth and started by their employees.

Not familiar with Trader Joe’s? Find a location near you and check them out. TJ’s offers a nice mix of organic and conventional produce, meats, breads, frozen foods, and other grocery items at resonable prices. Plus, their staff is unbelievably cheery and helpful.

If your local Trader Joe’s does not offer the storewide scavenger hunt, encourage them to start it! Have them call the Wayne, Pennsylvania location to find out all the fun details.

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