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OWTK Monthly Music Suggestions – August 2006

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Itching for some new music to share with your kids? We hope so, because we have 6 outstanding selections pulled directly from our vaults (ok, half the songs are from kexp.org’s massive collection of in-studio live performances).

Without further delay…the OWTK Monthly Music Suggestions for August 2006:

The Magic Numbers “Don’t give up the fight” (live on kexp.org)
Pretty much the entire debut album from The Magic Numbers is great music for kid’s, but this one is our favorite because of the “Baby, Baby, Please” line which our girl sings along with.

BC Camplight “Wouldn’t Mind The Sunshine”
Here is a local Philadelphian who is slightly unknown on this side of the pond (and that includes his hometown). He is far more successful overseas. He creates smart, catchy, and crisp sounding pop music on his debut “Hide, Run Away“. Fans of The Shins and Ben Folds would dig this record. This tune is a delightful number which begins slowly with a gently strummed guitar and builds on that with simple piano strokes. It is the punchy hook in the refrain that works for me – “Show me where, it hurts, I’ll be there to ease your pain. I’ll be the man to dry your eyes”. I sing this to my daughter when she skins her knee, stubs a toe, or falls into the couch after spinning so much she cannot walk straight.

Alexi Murdoch “Orange Sky” (live on kexp.org)
Wow! What a beautiful song. I just discovered this on KEXP.org a couple weeks ago. Sounds a lot like Nick Drake, not a bad thing at all. A quiet, slow, love song that is simply gorgeous. Judge for yourself. This is a live version, but a recorded version is included on his most recent release entitled “Time Without Consequence“.

John Denver “Grandma’s Featherbed”
I remember loving this song as a child and was giddy when I remembered it, randomly, earlier this year. I bought it from iTunes and let our daughter hear it right away. She loved it from the first spin. She plays a wicked air-banjo and sings harmony with the late John Denver. For a time, around her 2nd birthday, she had the entire refrain down and could keep up with the beat. This song was included on her 1st Birthday Mix CD.

The Little Ones “High on a Hill” (live on kexp.org)
The Little Ones “High on a Hill” (album version)
KEXP is what gets me through my workday – streaming audio at my desk. They have been playing a fair amount of The Little Ones recently. This song was recorded live in their studio in July of this year. “High on a Hill” is catchy with a great, jangly beat – it is very danceable. Plus there is an extended handclap bridge in the middle with little shouts in the background (more audible on the album version). What kid doesn’t love clapping and shouting? I have provided both the live and studio tracks for your listening pleasure. No doubt your and your family will be dancing around the house to this three minute gem.

James Taylor “Jellyman Kelly”
I had never heard of this one before my wife found a dusty old Sesame Street album in a stack of vinyl records for sale at the old Repo Records in Bryn Mawr last year. Turns out she owned the album when she was growing up and was in love with this James Taylor tune. It is quite a silly number but her and our little girl both love singing along. The relaxed pace of the “Jelly Man Kelly” makes keeping up with the lyrics quite simple, even for younger kids. The studio take is included on the “In Harmony” album we purchased. The performance from the show, with the Sesame Street kids singing along with Taylor, is on the “Songs From The Street: 35 Years Of Music” CD Box Set. This is the version linked above.

If you would like to purchase any of these fine selections for your own music library, please visit your local independent record shop (should one still exist in your town). If you prefer to purchase online or digitally, click on either the Amazon.com or iTunes link to the right (you may need to scroll down a bit). By doing so, you will be helping to support this site (which you love deeply, we know). We will owe you a big hug if we ever cross paths. Thanks in advance!

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Enjoy the music!

Disclaimer: If you are the artist, band, label, or publisher of a song featured on OWTK and would not like your track to be available in digital form, Simply email us and we will remove it.

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