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The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players

The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players are equal parts art project and rock band. The Players are a family of three (Dad, Mom, and 11 year old Daughter) who assemble slideshow montages from stranger’s family vacation slides. They acquire these vintage slides from flea markets, estate sales, and thrift stores. They then write pop-rock songs to accompany the slideshow images, conjuring up brand new lives and stories for the people whose projected images they display to the world. Hilarity usually follows. Jason, the Dad, sings and alternates between keyboards and the guitar. Mom, Tina Pina Trachtenberg, handles the projector, while daugher Rachel plays drums.

This is as inventive, ecclectic and fun as family entertainment gets and will surely be a treat for your whole gang. The young ladies in your life are going to love seeing pony-tailed Rachel Trachtenberg behind the drum kit on stage and your whole family will get a kick out of the goofy banter between the Trachtenbergs before, during, and after each song.

The Slideshow Players are touring the U.K. and Ireland in July and the U.S. this August and September. You will not want to miss the chance to spend some quality time with The Trachtenberg Family!

Having seen the Players live last year we would recommend that you consider taking only children age 7 or older as some of the images on the slides and material covered in the lyrics may be over the heads of little kids.

The Trachtenbergs usually hang around after the show to talk to the audience and to sell and autograph their tee shirts, CDs, homemade dolls (made from their old clothes!), bookmarks, and more.

Please check with the venue in your city for pricing, schedule, and any age policy/mininums (they are playing some club shows on this tour and those rooms may prohibit young kids). Be sure inquire as to the venue’s policies before you purchase your tickets.

Check out NPR’s 2003 profile of them here.

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