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Interactive Art for Kids

The easiest way to expose your kids to anything, including art, and have them enjoy the experience is to make the process FUN!

The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. offers a fantastic and fun way to encourage kids to be artistic and to appreciate and learn about art – all while they play online. Check out the interactive art projects on the Gallery’s website. These projects allow for manipulating, drawing, distorting, designing, collage making, and other really fun projects (beware: this is more than a little addictive – you may find yourself making as much art as your kids!)

Family Fun @ The Gallery (text taken directly from their website’s calendar):

Family Days (Flyer pdf)
Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis, no registration is required, for details call (202) 842-6254.

Jungles in Paris

July 28 and 29
August 11 and 12
10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.(ages 4 and up)
Meet at East Building entrance.
Enter the dream world of French artist Henri Rousseau and take an imaginary journey through jungles, forests, and gardens. Search for tigers, monkeys, snakes, and flamingos! Explore exotic plants, stroll the streets of Paris, and learn about a unique artist. Activities will include films for all ages, family activity sheets to tour the exhibition Henri Rousseau: Jungles in Paris, and hands-on art-making.

The National Galley of Art, like most of the museums, zoos, and public spaces in our Nation’s Capital, is free for all to enter and enjoy.

Have only a short bit of time to tour the museum? No problem, in fact the museum has a map catering to your short term visit. Check out all the art you can see in just one hour.

Taking your kids to the museum: I read recently (although I am having trouble recalling where, so pardon the lack of a source for this idea) that a great little way to get your kids into the idea of walking around an art museum is to let them purchase a postcard or two featuring one or more of the painting, sculptures, etc. inside (most every museum gift shop will sell such products). Make this purchase straightaway upon entering the museum and then charge your little ones with locating “their” piece(s) of art. During their search, enjoy the sights and talk to them about the time periods, countries, and styles represented in the gallery. By the time they find their prize (hopefully they have selected a postcard depicting a piece of art that is NOT just inside the door!) you will have seen a good bit of the museum and your kids will have enjoyed a free (and educational) scavenger hunt.

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