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Music under the Stars – New York's River to River Festival

This is an exciting time of year. Summer concerts are being announced and vacation plans are being made. On the East Coast, I recommend the River to River Festival in New York City. The Festival runs from June through September and features hundreds of free events including popular music, dance, film and theater. Taking your kids to live music can be tricky at times thanks in part to loud arenas (or smokey clubs), high ticket prices, and timing – with many shows starting late in the P.M. and ending in the wee hours of the A.M. These events in NYC are great because they almost all take place during the day, with the musical and theatrical events usually kicking off at 7pm and running until about 9pm, they are free, and because they are outdoors the volume tends to be manageable (if your little ones find the music too loud, just back up a bit to where the sound is less intrusive to their little ears). I advocate taking children to music that you like, it does not need to be kid’s music. It is important for children to see their parent’s enjoying themselves and being witness to something Mom and Dad are passionate about – be it dance, music, film, theater, museums, etc. Far too many parent’s lives two social lives – one with the kids doing things kid-oriented and the other by themselves doing what makes them happy while the kids stay at home with a babysitter or relatives. It is essential for children to see their parent’s in their own element. Plus, imagine how wonderful it will feel for them to be included in your activites. This Summer long festival, taking place over a variety of venues around Lower Manhattan, is a great chance to be outdoors with your kids and take in some free entertainment. Below are some links to prime Festival events.

Festival’s website:

Target Kid’s Day (Target Children’s Day with Thomas the Tank, Sesame Street, Curious George, Fireworks and more)

Josh Ritter Concert:

Hour long boat rides around NY Harbor (free for kids, parents $5):


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