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Great American Backyard Campout

In an admirable effort to reconnect our modern children with nature and the outdoors The National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring the 2006 Great American Backyard Campout on Saturday June 24th. The idea is a simple one: gather up your kids, pitch a tent in your backyard or local park and spend the night outdoors with a lantern telling stories, making s’mores, looking at the stars, and listening to the birds, squirrels, and all the other creatures who come alive at night.

I have never camped out, ever, but I will be in my backyard on Saturday June 24th. Hopefully you all will spend a night outside as well.

Their statistics show that most children 8-18 will spend 6 hours indoors in front of a TV, PC, or some other eletronic device each day. That is insanity. Turn the TV off, log off of myspace, and get outside – if only for one day!

Visit the Official site of the Campout to register your “campsite” – while there get recipes, packing tips, nocturnal wildlife guides, and tips for taking photos at night.


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