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Oz The Great and Powerful, and the Search For a Heart

It is probably very telling that the most endearing characters in Oz The Great and Powerful, the ones with the most emotional gravitas and who demand an audience’s empathy, are a china doll and a bellhop-clad monkey. Because for all the many fanciful things in this new Oz, a real […]


Watch This: Oz The Great and Powerful Movie Trailer

Oooooooh yeah. The prequel to The Wizard of Oz looks pretty terrific in this 2-minute sneak peek. Are you excited or nervous about the modern-day screwing with a legendary tale (that doesn’t always work out, see: the cinematic Dr. Seuss oeuvre)?  Will you & your kids be there on March […]

iPhone Apps for Kids Review: Magic Ink Books
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iPhone Apps for Kids Review: Magic Ink Books

Remember those Invisible Ink Books your mom would buy for the long & boring road trips to Grandma’s house?  You’d rub all over with that curious, rather bland-looking marker, then squeal with delight as images magically appeared.   Those books and a lb. of goldfish almost made the journeys bearable.  I […]

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