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Paris with kids

Great little article in Feb. 19th’s Sunday New York Times focusing on Paris as a Kid friendly destination: very useful information, especially the bits about the Rodin Musuem/Garden (A “garden only” ticket costs just 1 euro, which is why many Parisian families frequent this gated green art gallery, with […]

So Much Time So Little To Do

Music under the Stars – New York's River to River Festival

This is an exciting time of year. Summer concerts are being announced and vacation plans are being made. On the East Coast, I recommend the River to River Festival in New York City. The Festival runs from June through September and features hundreds of free events including popular music, dance, […]


First Post

I have delayed making the first post to this site in an effort to find the perfect words to encapsulate what I want this site to become. I have come up with nothing brilliant and awe-inspiring so I start with this: All I can tell you is that this site, […]

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