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A Simple Gesture
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A Simple Gesture

Two lanes become five at this particular intersection. The two on the left are left-only lanes. The furthest to the right, a no-turn-on-red right-only. The final pair of lanes, as I reckon you’d have already guessed, are supposed to go straight. Straight and only straight, up an hardly perceivable grade […]

The Young Man I Met Last Night
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The Young Man I Met Last Night

The band was still finding its footing, having just placed their drinks down and positioned themselves at or picked up their instruments moments earlier, but you had gone from zero to 60 with the first note. You bounced along to “I Am A Runner” with more spring than I have […]


Yesterday Morning

The minor key drone of “City Ride” is bouncing off the molded plastic dashboard as the car shimmies at the red light, two turns away from home. To say the expression I’m wearing as I stare without purpose into the morning sunshine is blank would be giving it far too […]

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