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I Moved Away In The Present But I Was Always Prepared For The Future

When I was their age, I too lived in the bucolic suburbs of Philadelphia but dreamed of so much more. To be specific, I dreamed of living in Manhattan, in the Village, wandering around nightly, seeing plays in theaters and bands in concert halls across the whole of New York City. To be honest, I never thought I’d actually be able to achieve this dream, but then I had a chance to do so last Spring and I took it. 18 months later, after many plays and concerts, I’m heading back to the green-grassy ‘burbs, back to the same Pennsylvania town my ex and I still own a home, the same town my kids still live.

I Moved Away But I Was Always Prepared for the Future

At some point of every week over the past year and a half, I was crippled with internal conflict and painful regret, missing my kids terribly, and wondering if I did the wrong thing in moving to NYC. Some people who don’t know me said I had, that I am a terrible father who abandoned his kids. Others commended me for showing my teenagers what it means to chase down a dream, and reminding me that I’m only 2 hours and some toll roads away.

I loved living in the East Village, but was never truly settled in the new role of long-distance dad because to do it, I had to give up being a full-time dad, and being an at-home, full-time dad to those two kids has been the most important thing in the world to me, the very thing that defined me as a person and a professional for over 14 years. While I had moved away from them, I had also prepared for the real, someday future in which they will go on without me. Getting term life insurance quotes from Fabric is as necessary to “be there” for your kids as showing up to their dance recitals, tee ball games, and in my case, ensuring that my daughters knew without a shadow of a doubt that the distance I put between us over the last 18 months didn’t diminish the love I have for them.

My Instagram feed and Story rarely feature my kids anymore. On one hand, that’s a natural consequence of growing up, but it’s also because we aren’t together every day and rarely travel as a family anymore with their school and work commitments being too much to juggle with being far away from home like when they were little. But, whether I’m in NYC researching the best bookstores for a story, driving brand new Range Rover Electric Hybrid SUVs in Madrid, on a private yacht in Croatia, at a Philadelphia Union soccer match, or living around the corner from them, I know for certain that I will be able to take care of my children with the help of the safety net of a life insurance policy.

There’s a lot of comfort in knowing they will be financially provided for, which is as easy as searching for the term life insurance quotes you can easily afford. Right now though, I am stoked to provide again as a dad who is there, every day, to care for them by making them great dinners, watching their favorite new movies, being ridiculous together, and hopefully someday soon, having more faraway adventures with my two awesome kids.

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