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I Don’t Own An Owl Named Gruyère But Soon I’ll Own Run Raisin VRST Joggers

I haven’t been asked to play it often but I am a fan of the break-the-ice party game Two Truths & A Lie.

Recently, during a video conference meeting for a Dick’s Sporting Goods Father’s Day campaign (the blog post for which you are now reading, although it likely doesn’t seem like it…yet) I was asked to join in and try to trick my fellow contestants into guessing which one would-be fact about me and my life is in fact, a bold-faced fib. Weeeeeeell, it turns out that I am pretty freaking bad at this game because every single person guessed correctly that I do not, in fact, own an owl named Gruyère, although I sure wish I did and that if I did he would wear a monocle and a top hat like a proper fancy bird of prey.

I mean, what kind of person collects scarves (#1) and has over 50 of them (#2)? A lunatic with a perpetually cold neck, I thought, but these people took one look at me in that tiny box on their laptop screens and thought yeah, he looks the type. And they were right.

And then we learned about all of the gear and paraphernalia on offer at Dick’s this summer, including a bevy of soccer merch from the MLS, Premier League, Bundesliga, National Teams and beyond although probably no soccer scarves for this silly scarf boy and it was so grand! Seriously, soccer stuff aside (for a moment), the VRST Commuter Slim Fit Joggers that popped up on my screen looked super comfy and…am I slowly becoming a sneakerhead (???) because my heart now goes a little wonky when I see colorful kicks.

And man, Dick’s has a metric ton of trainers with trained folks to help your feet slide into the perfect pair and a sneaker release calendar to stay on top of when the newest kicks will be dropping into your local Dick’s.

We need to talk a bit more about VRST real fast. This is a new private label line specifically made for us, fellas. They look idyllic for working out, being on the run, hanging out in my local park, or at work (which, for me can mean sitting on many airplanes or sitting on my sofa, so I need to be as comfy as possible)!

Something else rad: VRST just announced a partnership with 2020 Heisman Trophy Winner DeVonta Smith who admittedly looks way cooler than me in VRST swag but still, these threads are for everyone, football players, footy fans, and travel writers alike.

Everyday pants that are versatile enough to run errands, go for a run, or run out to a nice dinner are great, as are a handsome pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers (LOOK AT THOSE??!!) to look sharp in any situation in the big city. But, seriously though, real talk time: if the dad in your life is anything like me — age 45, sore and achy ALL OF THE TIME — a Theragun Mini massager is the father’s day gift that will keep oooooon giving all year long.

Huge thanks to Dick’s for looping me into their Father’s Day campaign this year. I received a gift card for attending the virtual event and to write this post but of course all opinions are honest and my own.

I am absolutely geeking out over those run raisin VRST joggers and those Adidas sneakers and, fingers crossed, I’ll have some dough left for the massage tool to make me feel less like a 45 year old after I treat myself to a plethora of footy gear at Dick’s, like that GORGEOUS purple paisley pre-match Man City top, the You’ll Never Walk Alone Liverpool shirt (oh that lettering, be still my heart) and of course, a sweet baby blue Philadelphia Union tee that I will absolutely be wearing this summer when I support them away at Red Bulls in my new home of NYC!

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