Why I’m Returning to: Cheyenne Wyoming

I’ve been to the western side of Wyoming. It’s stunning.

Many know this, for that’s where Yellowstone and Jackson Hole and The Grand Tetons lie. In August of 2019, I had the chance to spend a few sunny summer days and cool crisp nights on the eastern edge of the state, in Cheyenne, and vowed, almost instantly, to return. And return on my own dime (the truest test of how much a travel writer loved a place). Hell, I even wrote their tourism office a post gratis titled, “Why I’ll Return to Cheyenne.”

The statement was definitive and 100% true. I fell in love with Cheyenne and made a friend over local on-tap root beer, to-go tacos and while speed walking on a hiking trail, and I knew I’d return.

La Paz Tacos at Danielmark's Cheyenne

In 28 days, I’ll do just that. My flights are booked and the Airbnb reserved, so that I can see that same new friend on stage in The Glass Menagerie, so that I can participate in The Knights of the Turntable at Phoenix Books & Music, and to hopefully, fingers crossed, I can have the best spinach artichoke dip in the world as well as another damn fine local root beer with my friend Andi.

The Met Downtown Cheyenne Shadows
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