Mayo Mayo Mayo and more Mayo — The Many Uses For Mayo, from Baking to Cuticle Repair

Ellie Kemper many uses for mayo

It turns out that not only is mayonnaise a kind of super food, it can also keep your cuticles looking sharp, houseplants shiny, and solve your household lice issues.


Earlier this year I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Office – US, Secret Life of Pets) at the Hellmann’s Test Kitchen inside Unilever Headquarters in New Jersey, learning all about how Hellmann’s Mayo can make grilled cheese even more sublime and corn on the cob that much more succulent.

And then I wrote all about the many uses for mayo for Reader’s Digest, as one does.

Ellie Kemper many uses for mayo
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