OWTK Kid's Music Monthly Podcast

May 2018

Here’s the playlist for the May 2018 episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast!

It’s a MEGA 15-song episode, kids. Buckle up, and hear some of the best and brightest of modern family music delivered straight into your earholes!

*This episode is sponsored by the Philadelphia Children’s Festival featuring 3 days of live theater, music, magic and more at the Annenberg Center this month.

May 2018

  • The Alphabet Rockers “Stand Up For You” from Rise Shine #Woke
  • Justin Roberts “Recess” from Recess
  • Josh and the Jamtones “We Are O-N-E” from O-N-E
  • Big Block Singsong “We Are Better Together” from Big Block Singsong Greatest Hits, Vol 3
  • Jess Penner “Forever In My Heart” from Imagination
  • Lard Dog “Take The Road” from Dreamers
  • Bryan Charles Wilson “Childhood” from Kaia
  • KB Whirly “Come Gather Round” from Songs From The Whirly House
  • Lucky DiazĀ  and the Family Jam Band “Magic Believers” from Made in L.A.
  • Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could “Love Me For Who I Am (Remix)” single
  • Red Yarn “Down In The Meadow” from Old Barn
  • The Bazillions “Just Another Monday” from Rock-n-Roll Yearbook
  • Sara Lovell “Dark Side of My Room” from Wild Is Everywhere
  • Andrew Best “Whistle Away” from Emerson Moose and Other Songs for Children
  • Pointed Man Band “Upstream” from Between The Waves and the Cardoons

Stream the May 2018 episode below, download it directly here, subscribe to get it for free every month from iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

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