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OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly September 2017 — New Music From Alphabet Rockers, Jack Forman, Gustafer Yellowgold, Lucky Diaz and More

Phewff, this is a rollicking good time!

There’s so much new music to get to and I did my best to spin the very best of the impressive bunch.

We dig a bit deeper into the new Lucky Diaz and Gustafer Yellowgold, hear what Jack Forman of Recess Monkey is up to with his debut solo album, get woke by The Alphabet Rockers, and welcome Jess Penner into the kindie music world. Plus so much more.

Let’s do this:

  • Jack Forman “Dog Park” from Songs From The Monkey House
  • KB Whirly “Cool Man Cool” from Songs from the Whirly House
  • Justin Roberts “Recess” from Recess
  • The Alphabet Rockers “Shine” from Rise Shine #Woke
  • Jess Penner “I’ve Got No Strings” from Imagination
  • The Bazillions “You Could Be The One” from Rock-N-Roll Yearbook
  • Gustafer Yellowgold “Ellen Lemon” from Brighter Side
  • Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band “Echo Park” from Made in L.A.
  • Lard Dog and the Band of Shy “Take The Road” from Dreamers
  • Chibi Kobama “In My Room” From We’re Not Going Crazy (We’re Just Growing Up)

Stream the episode below, download it here or grab it from your favorite podcast provider (just search OWTK).


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