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Extra Fresh Samples At Costco With Kids

shopping at Costco with kids samples Costco

Ever since first becoming a dad, I’ve found shopping with my daughters to be a sweet way to spend time together.

They concur in spades because whether it’s picking up something sugary in the baked goods section or snagging samples of a Young Mahon Spanish cheese, Greek honey drizzled on toast points, Pappardelle pasta served hot straight from a skillet or, going way way back to the early toddler years, identifying primary colors in the vibrant produce aisle, going shopping with dad has never been and still is never, ever dull. And more often than not, shopping with dad is freaking delicious.

There’s just something about that stroll, the one that has taken me and my girls up and down the cereal, juice, diaper and wipes (back in the day), cookie, produce, toothpaste, soap, and that curiously random odds & ends aisle of countless stores stretching from our own hometown to London, Barcelona, small town Vermont and the Island of Bonaire, among many others. It’s like a home-ec playground in there and, especially when traveling, one of the best ways to learn about a new place and its people.

Unlike the horror stories shared by many parents, shopping with my daughters remains a quiet, communal act of togetherness that now extends to the great wide aisles of Costco, where recently the girls and I went in search of that which makes this dad (and his 10-year-old daughter too!) smell so fresh and so clean clean: Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash 3-packs, a brand new offering in select Costco stores.

In Costco for the first time ever, the girls were wide-eyed-stoked to see a bevy of food and beverage samples to, um, well, sample!

The ability to sample a variety of foods and drinks risk free (and cost free for me!) is one of the factors I credit for each of my kids having a diverse culinary palate, which, in a not insignificant way, has made it easy for us travel the world with them from a very young age.

Extra Fresh Samples At Costco

Costco Samples!!!

We were hoping to have a discovery moment, away from the tasty samples, in the health & beauty aisle of our local Costco, something sort of dramatic as we three found the 3-pack of Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash, but…there was none to be found. D’oh.

Always ready for the flexible narrative plot twist, this whole missing Dove Men+Care 3-pack thing turned into a good news story because it forced us to speak with and request help from a Costco associate.

We learned that palettes of the Dove Men+Care 3-packs had just arrived in the back and were not processed into inventory yet. And yet, AND YET!, this awesome dude went into the stock room, talked to his bosses, and got us one. Sure, it’s only a 3-pack of body wash at the end of the day but this tells a bigger story of how rad Costco truly is. You know, in addition to all those yummy samples!

Dove Men+Care 3-pack Costco

We love smelling great, me and my blonde little monster who [clears throat] kinda stinks when she starts to sweat even a wee bit. She has taken to using Dove Men+Care body wash and deodorant, just like me, but let’s be honest, no one is THIS excited about actually buying body wash. Not even Dove Men+Care. Not even at Costco.

Fortunately, these two goofballs are always up for cranking the ridiculous meter up to 11!

Extra Fresh Samples At Costco Dove Men+Care Body Wash

As an active guy who runs, hikes and plays with his kids outdoors, I can’t recommend Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh enough. It smells natural, strong but subtle, and cleans me up nice. The new 3-pack is available in select Costco stores for $11.99. You’ll eat more than that amount worth of Costco samples so it is a total win-win! Locate your local Costco Warehouse now.

Trade up from your everyday body wash to Get Dove Clean with the body wash given the stamp of approval by this dad…and his 10-year-old daughter!

*I have partnered with Life of Dad and Mirum for this promotion. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. We still love shopping together, gobble up samples, and the Mouse has indeed been using my Dove Men+Care products for the past year or so.

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