Taking Netflix With Us Across The Country 

It was the quiet gamechanger Netflix announced a few months back. 

Maybe you missed it because the news didn’t directly involve a new Stranger Thing, anything being The New Black or hunting for Trolls.

I noticed, noted it, and made a plan to make plans to take full advantage of Netflix’s new download feature during the 3.5 weeks we’ll be in the air, at sea and on the road as we go from Alaska to the Atlantic this summer.

Here are the 7 Netflix titles I’m downloading to our iPad now, and why I’m downloading ’em, as we prepare for the most epic of American summer family vacations:

Tales by light netflix

  1. The “Wild” episode of Tales By Light (because photographs will be taken!)
  2. Return To Nim’s Island (because Mouse loves Bindi Irwin and wants to visit Australia next! …Maybe in 2018????)
  3. The Great British Baking Show (because my girls are still buzzing from the zulily baking sales event they modeled for out in Seattle, the city where our Alaska to Atlantic road trip starts in less than 3 weeks!)
  4. The BFG (because the Lone Star geyser we’re hiking to see in Yellowstone is larger than life, ‘giant’ you might even say!)
  5. Queen of Katwe (because putting together a 23 night trip in 13 different locations is kind of like a game of chess! And because this film looks incredible!)
  6. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (because, duh, BIG ADVENTURE!)
  7. The Secret Life of Pets (because for no other reason than my 10-year-old being obsessed with this movie and because she probably won’t be able to go 3.5 weeks without it in her life!)

Queen of Katwe netflix

OWTK is a member of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. The download feature on Netflix is awesome, and so is our upcoming summer journey.

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