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Keeping It Simple for 21 Days

Ever since the popular writer Malcolm Gladwell opined his 10,000-hour rule in Outliers, that very denomination of deliberate practice to excel in a field and become an expert in any profession has become part and parcel of our culture, but did you know that habits form in a much shorter period of time?
Spend 21 consecutive days doing something, anything – juggling tennis balls before eating lunch or listening to the same side of the same record as you get dressed each morning, for example — and you’ve gone and established yourself a new habit. Congrats, but that’s kinda weird — tennis balls, really?

I try to resist the truth regarding how I operate, so that I might sell myself as a spontaneous soul, but at the end of the day, I am a creature of habit who sits in the same spot at the dinner table, sinks into the same chair to work every day, and I’m at my best when I complete the trifecta of school drop off/gym/grocery shopping on weekday mornings. I entered this new year with the goal of forming a brand new habit in conjunction with my relationship with Clorox so I’m spending 21 straight days cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms with nothing but Clorox® Regular-Bleach, to clean and also to disinfect the most commonly used and touched surfaces in our home – sinks, countertops, faucets, toilets. Wait, ew, why are you touching the toilet? Nevermind, don’t answer that, it’s been cleaned with Clorox — you’re good.

The product is so simple, and you’ve probably already got some of it in your laundry room, and serves as a one-bottle solution for all my in-home cleaning needs, from making that gross mold and mildew vanish from the caulk lines in the guest bathroom tub that the kids use (speaking of ew) to disinfecting our three cat food bowls and that crate my feline children always throw-up inside of because it means only one thing, a bumpy, nerve-racking journey to the vet.

As I’m going through my 21 day ‘Keep It Simple’ cleaning challenge, I’m realizing that a little bit of bleach goes a long, long way and that by using only Clorox® Regular-Bleach to clean up in our two bathrooms and in my kitchen during this three week period, I’m save money too, because Clorox bleach is inexpensive relative to aaaaaaaall the other cleaners, sprays, and sudsy choices on store shelves. And I like saving money because that’s more money I can spend on everything else at the grocery store, like chorizo, shrimp, feta, chorizo, roasted red peppers, and even more chorizo.

I encourage you to spend 21 days forming a new, affordable and disinfecting cleaning habit in your home because from kid’s toys to the pet’s bowls and from tile floors to stainless steel appliances, Clorox will make you a cleaning expert…with about 9,975 hours to spare.

OWTK is a Clorox CLXChampion receiving financial compensation for this and other stories. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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