A Redesigned After School Routine

It might seem to a casual observer, someone who had once, at some point before this past mid-August, stepped foot in, peered around the corner at, or passed through my kitchen, that all that’s different now is the position of the island and the presence of two Ikea bar stools at it. Sure, this person might concede, “there’s that pleasant bowl of fresh fruit centered on the natural pine wood surface of the island but yeah, pretty much the same as the last time I was here.”

They wouldn’t be wrong but also, they would be far from hitting the mark. The simple, see-able move was indeed the re-positioning of the island, thus, and finally, manifesting its furniturial [made-up word] destiny, just a few toddler-sized steps away from the half-wall that been stifling its potential in making it more of a peninsula and into the center of my small kitchen. This is where the children now must come after school, to unpack their lunch bags, unfurl their folders full of homework papers, graded tests, permission slips, and so on and so forth. It is also where they eat an after school snack — hey, would you look at all that cleaned and ready to eat fresh fruit!

But sometimes, when they’re extra hungry after a long school day of conjugating Spanish verbs, memorizing Canadian provinces and grappling with common core math vertical number lines, they make themselves pizza.

But not just any pizza.


Flatout Flatbread Pizza


The oven preheats to 375 while they pet the cat, take off shoes (and probably not put them away in the entryway cubby, again, ugh), wash their hands, and take their bar stool seats. Then it’s 2 minutes in, out for an application of sauce, cheese, roasted red peppers, then 4 minutes back in.

In a blink, there’s a couple of tasty, crispy, deliciously thin Flatbread pizzas cut into squares — that’s how we do — before the girls have even yanked out of their take-home folders those super duper important forms that were due signed and back at school last Thursday. Double ugh.

A Flatout Flatbread thin crust pizza is the delicious confluence of satisfying and NOT filling to the point of spoiling the amazing 4-course wait a sec, what am I making for dinner? that the kids can easily make for themselves (look at us fostering independence!) while you sign the field trip/intramural soccer/before school band rehearsal/library borrowing permission slips being sure to include a note of apology for them being returned late.

*OWTK was provided some Flatout products and monetary compensation for this story. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. Seriously, since working with and being introduced to Flatout a year ago, we’ve become totally hooked. In the last 24 hours alone, we used the Flatout Flatbread pizza crusts after school, a Flatout Light Original for the Mouse’s ‘Thanksgiving’ wrap dinner and a Rosemary & Olive Oil Flatout Fold-It! for my wife’s turkey & cheese sandwich lunch at work.

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