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The Gift of TracFone

TracFone Samsung Galaxy Stardust Activation Process Box

*OWTK is a proud ambassador for #TracFoneFamily and received compensation for this story. All opinions express below are unbiased and honest, as always.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m kind of a zen master when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for friends, family and the kids we sponsor each holiday season. Now, I take every job seriously but I take the annual year-end gift-giving task very seriously, unless, of course, I am wronged…then I have swift vengeance (don’t worry, I’m all bark and little bite. The people on my naughty list get only boring gift cards, not thoughtfully acquired and handsomely wrapped bundles of awesomeness).

I love to take my time and do the prerequisite research to ensure each gift I sign my name to in the ‘from’ section of a bedazzled label will be of the utmost quality, will be highly unique, will jive with the personality of the person for whom it is intended, and above all else, will be positively adored by the recipient. This is a special gift (pun intended) that was dutifully passed on to me by my dad, a man who has always been happier to give than to receive at Christmastime and any other time. I am the next in a string of Bogles who derive the most joy possible on Christmas Day when watching loved ones open the packages of perfection I have found, purchased and wrapped so delicately for them.

I’ve handed out hundreds of fab presents in my day but one gift I’ve never given anyone is a cellphone. This is because for years I’ve famously been mocking the idea of gifting someone a bill, like, here, Merry Christmas, it’s an invoice! DON’T YOU JUST LOVE IT!?

It all started with those obnoxious “give a luxury car to your wife as a gift and here’s a free super obnoxious red bow to put on top” commercials that began airing a couple of decades ago. I mean, c’mon, a typical cellphone is a thoughtless present: have fun paying for the gift I gave you…every single month for the next 2 years! Same goes for the luxury car — not that I could ever afford or have reason to put a 4-foot bow on a vehicle for someone – and anything else that also comes wrapped with a monthly debt obligation on the back end. That’s not a gift, it’s a curse.

TracFone on the other hand is a cellphone perfectly suited for wrapping paper and sparkly bows because there’s not a single contract and absolutely no monthly bill. It’s just a gift. A rad gift. A rad, hi-tech gift for someone you love.

TracFone Android Samsung Galaxy Activation Screen

It’s true, there are Android smartphones that DO make unique, high-quality gifts for kids, grandparents or anyone else who could use a spiffy modern device for texting, picture taking and sharing, Tweeting, game playing, and maybe even the stray ‘old fashion’ phone call or two if they’re feeling retro. With TracFone, you are going to pick a superb Android smartphone from the likes of Samsung and LG, and minute cards which will immediately triple in value (200 minutes of texting, calling and data becomes 600 – for free!), then bask in the glow of knowing you are not a horrible person who gives someone the cursed gift of a recurring monthly bill.

And THAT’S how to make this the merriest & happiest holiday of them all.

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