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Giving The Gift of Netflix (And Chill, If You’re So Inclined)

The Gift of Netflix

Netflix, along with NHL Center Ice (go Red Wings!) and FuboTV (Barca! Barca! Barca!), enabled us to cut cable in 2015. That’s like $140 extra bucks in my wallet each month. For this I am thankful. Oh wait, I’m a holiday behind. We don’t give thanks now, for now we must be merry. And bright. Well, I’m all three and Netflix remains a big reason why.

Here are three reasons you should get yourself some Netflix, to chill or to laugh along with your kids or watch alone at home while you are supposed to finish that freelance assignment. Whichever, I won’t judge.

1) The brand new and new-old stuff on Netflix for the kiddos is top notch.

Whether it’s Project MC2 and Super 4, the extension of Toothless and the rest of the How To Train Your Dragon clan or the new extension of The Croods coming on Dec 24th (!!), or the reboot of Care Bears (and Popples, Inspector Gadget and Peabody & Sherman), there’s a Netflix all-ages show for every young person who has access to a WiFi enabled device in your home.

2) Narcos is bad ass.

I cannot recommend this Netflix original drama enough, and this coming from someone who doesn’t usually dig drug-related shows or movies. Narcos is part action show, part history lesson, and that adds up to 10 amazing, brilliantly written and superbly acted episodes.

3) Original comedy specials and shows are HIL-ARIOUS.

I’m kinda in love with John Mulaney right now thanks to his two Netflix specials (including the very new Comeback Kid). And there’s the Aziz Ansari stand ups AND his new show Master of None. And who can forget about the brilliance that was/is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The list of comedy options on Netflix is HUGE. So put the kids to bed, grab your bestie and get ready to gut laugh…or Netflix and Chill…or both.

The good peeps at Netflix are letting me give the gift of Netflix to one lucky OWTK reader. So, have at it. Leave a comment here telling me what show/movie/comedy special you’ll watch first? I’ll pick one winner and hook ’em up with some free Netflix action.

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*This Netflix giveaway is open to U.S. readers only (sorry, Canada). All entries must be submitted by Friday December 11 by 11:59 pm ET. Good luck!

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