And So We Have Now Cruised (Our First Cruise on The Carnival Sunshine)

Carnival Sunshine Review grand turk

It took a generous offer from Carnival to get us onto a cruise ship but once on board the Sunshine we found cruising a rather enjoyable way to travel. No one was more surprised by this revelation than me. Specifically, the food was outstanding. Maybe too outstanding because, well, I ate a lot of it. Cruise food, or better said, my perception of cruise food, is one of the main reasons I never once considered a cruise for our family vacation. I was happy to have Carnival disprove my presumptions during an 8-day Southern Caribbean cruise to Aruba, Bonaire and Grand Turk on the Carnival Sunshine.

Also, the day we spent in Bonaire, far away from port and the crowds, in a Hertz rental car exploring the island, seeing wild flamingos, driving alongside feral goats, observing plaintive donkeys on the beach and feeding lizards bits of cookie, was truly a special family experience.

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