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Should You Put Your Kid on a Child Leash at Disney World…or Anywhere Else?

Child Leash at Disney World

My plan was to stroll around Epcot for a few hours during the annual Food and Wine Festival as a way of stepping out of a photographic comfort zone, for I love the idea of street photography but find it too debilitating to point my Samsung camera in the general direction of unsuspecting strangers. But at Epcot, during this event, I figured it’d be so crowded no one would notice me. I figured I would be able to capture some interesting images of regular folk doing regular things at the happiest place on Earth.


In the end, the only photo I took that I thought was worth a damn was that one up there — a mom (with cuffed jeans, for the win!) with her two kids walking away from me towards England in Epcot’s World Showcase. There was a gentle ease in their manner. They strode with a calm and pleasant air about them. Just a small family enjoying their midday at Epcot. The mom’s older daughter flanked her on the left and on the right walked her youngest daughter, maybe age 4, with a boatload of upright confidence. She was attached to a rather cute stuffed animal backpack leash.

Later, I posted the photo on OWTK’s social media channels, not to judge, because I’m out of the parental judging business, but to ask the question:

Have you ever used a child leash or would you ever use a child leash, at Disney World or anywhere else?

The response was surprising, because posts on the Out With The Kids Facebook page do not, unfortunately, generate this level of chitter-chatter. There was no consensus in the answers but there was also no break down of civility between those holding opposing viewpoints, which, considering this all took place on the internet, was a pleasant surprise.

What do you think about child leashes? Should you put your kid on a child leash at Disney World…or anywhere else?

I’ve retired from the parental judging game, but I’m curious, have you used (or would you use) a child leash?

Posted by Out With The Kids onĀ Friday, October 30, 2015

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