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Mista Cookie Jar “BFF Goodbye” World Premiere Song Download

BFF Goodbye Mista Cookie Jar

Just yesterday, I was brought on as a podcast guest to talk all things modern family music. I cannot remember exactly what I said — that’s par for the course when I’m spewing for long periods of time — but I do know that I remarked about how the all-ages alternative music scene continues to honor the complex emotional palette of childhood. In short, it ain’t all cupcakes and butterflies because, well, neither is childhood. There’s joy sitting beside melancholy, every single day. Great all-ages music, just like the best books and movies for young people, is aware of and reflects all of it.

Having a best friend forever move away sucks, like, the worst thing ever at the time it happens. Not even Skype, Facetime and the like can dull the sharp pain of a close pal packing up and leaving town.

Mista Cookie Jar gets this and with “BFF Goodbye” delivers a plaintive jam on the sadness inherent in this universal situation. As he puts it, this is a “heart-on-sleeve kindie ballad for best friends bidding adieu, set to the beautiful harmonies of real life best friends, Ava Flava (age 14) and Miss Mikyla (age 12).”

Grab a tissue and give “BFF Goodbye” a listen today.

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  1. Awesome !!!!! Lyrics touched my heart so deeply!!!

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