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Traveling A Few Miles with KIND

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and KIND for this promotion.

KINDMilesMatter 6-20-15

During the past few weeks, my girls and I have traveled many miles together on foot, on bike and on water. We’ve been doing this to spend quality time together, to get fit (100% my issue), and to do some good thanks to KIND Snacks.

We’ve gone back and forth to Target in a half run/mostly brisk walk as a trio. They’ve biked while I jogged alongside to pick up books from the library. We ventured over to the bank the old fashion way (no, not by stagecoach, although that would’ve been amazing!) to deposit a handful checks on a number of afternoons after the mail had finally arrived. And they built themselves a kart from recycled material after a week of creativity at Camp Invention before hitting the open road (with a helmet, of course) with my trotting along beside them.

We did all this with KIND bars in our bellies and KINDness in our hearts.

KindMilesMatter Walk with girls

We’ve since waved farewell to our library, bank and local Target store, to embark on a great American road trip, and despite logging thousands of miles in a Toyota Sienna, we have been determined to remain active together as a family.

KindMilesMatter Indy paddleboating

In the past eight days, we four paddleboated along the Indy canal and laughed about how close we kept coming to both running ashore and hitting the metal statues in the middle. We walked for hours and acted like a family of 4 goofy kids at the massive and remarkable Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. And traveled great distances as we went back in time at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.

Conner Prairie KindMilesMatter

A hot & sticky 2 mile roundtrip trek from the beautiful Doubletree Union Station Hotel in St. Louis to the famous Gateway Arch gave us a chance to disconnect and discuss westward expansion and the relevance of Pokey LaFarge’s lyrics in “River City Blues,” and the next day the City Museum gave us miles upon miles of family bonding in caves and down 5 story slides.

And just last night, we hiked up to Red Rocks Amphitheater from the lower south parking lot to see The Avett Brothers in the most majestic place one could ever see and hear a band they love play music. We sang Avett songs and encouraged each other to not give up momentum as we went even higher than the mile high city we’re calling home this weekend. THAT was an insane hike. Coming back down and trying to prevent falling flat on our faces with two sleepy kids was even crazier.

KindMilesMatter Red Rocks

And all the while, we’ve been earning boxes of KIND bars for the Chester County Food Bank as part of the #KINDMileMatter campaign. For every mile we’ve traveled as a family on foot, bike and water, exercising and being together without technological distractions (aside from the RunKeeper app telling us how far we’re going and our current pace), KIND Snacks, makers of our favorite nut and protein bars, is donating a box to our favorite charity. One box for each mile! If that isn’t motivation enough to leave the car keys on the hook and run over to Target, the bank, and the library, I don’t know what is.

I’m so excited to be an ambassador for KIND and participate in #KINDMilesMatter because for the past few years, KIND Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bars have been fueling my running endeavors. I get protein I need from the nuts and the dark chocolate I crave as a normal human with refined taste buds. Now, the lineup of KIND’s healthy snacks has grown to include KIND Healthy Grains Bars, five super grains baked into a treat that’s both chewy and crunchy, a new rendering of a classic lunchbox staple with KIND Healthy Grains Peanut Butter Berry bars that are coated in peanut butter and combined with sweet raspberries and cranberries, and KIND’s their 1st savory snack, the STRONG & KIND line featuring 10 grams of soy-and-whey free protein made from ingredients you can see & pronounce┬«

In the end, we Bogles were responsible for a donation of 21 boxes of KIND Bars to the Chester County Food Bank. Doing good, feeling good, and being together is a mission we share with KIND and we’re honored to have had this chance to give back to our community and hopefully encourage you to munch on a KIND bar and be active as a family.

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and KIND for this promotion.

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