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My eBay Father’s Day Gift Wishlist

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This post has been sponsored by eBay. All opinions expressed within are honest and unbiased, as always.

There aren’t many questions that cause me to stumble over my words, but “What Do You Want For Father’s Day?” sits atop the short list. It’s a tricky thing for a non-materialistic dad to rattle off a list of stuff he’d like to receive from the people he loves dearly.

I don’t want for much and would prefer to collect memories than accumulate more…of anything really, but there are several goodies on eBay that I wouldn’t mind getting for Father’s Day because each would evoke beautiful memories of amazing moments in the past or foreshadow remarkable things to come. Ok, and some would just be pretty awesome to have!

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eBay is a primo destination to find unique gifts for dads, whether he wants some new (or old) stuff OR a new memorable experience. Here are the five Father’s Day gifts from eBay I’d love to see under my Dad’s Day tree (if that was an actual thing).

My eBay 2015 Father’s Day Gift Wish List

While this isn’t the kit Messi, Xavi and Iniesta wore when I saw them play twice at the Camp Nou in the span of a week a few years back, the Catalan flag inspired away jersey from the following season is SO amazing looking. Also, I think I’d look pretty rad running in this red & yellow stripped shirt with my coordinating red & yellow Newtons!

FC Barcelona 13-14 Away Kit

I can still feel the unbridled joy of seeing my Michigan State Spartans win the 2014 Rose Bowl alongside my three favorite people on Earth. I’d love to hang this gorgeous framed panoramic print of that night in my office to never, ever forget that brilliant warm January 1st evening in Pasadena, California.

MSU Spartans Rose Bowl Panoramic Print

I have a growing collection of LPs, including the remarkable new Dawes album I just bought for myself this week, but currently own no functioning turntable on which to spin them. The cheapy USB one we bought in a discount home furnishing store has already been put to out to pasture after just a year of moderate use, so I would welcome with open arms a new, professional record player this Father’s Day.

A turntable like this beaut from Audio Technica would do very, very nicely!

Father's Day Gift for Music Lovers from eBay Turntable

Speaking of putting things out to pasture, I go through earbuds like kids go through Band-Aids. I run daily and sweat a lot, and I’ve found that the earbuds I use break down little by little. First it’s the microphone, then the sounds quits in the left bud, and finally the connection into the phone starts glitching like the girl from Wreck-It Ralph. It’s terrible frustrating.

These water and sweat-proof Bluetooth earbuds look pretty terrific, aren’t too pricey, and would eliminate the need for a cord to be roped up and under my sweaty shirt. Maybe these would last for a while!

Father's Day Gift for Runners Sweat Proof Bluetooth earbuds

Finally, there’s a gift I’d love to give to a great dad I know, a Chicago guy who happened to grow up a huge fan of Cal Ripken Jr.

Because I’ve always enjoyed giving more than receiving gifts, I’d like to wrap up this gorgeous 1982 Cal Ripken Jr Baltimore Orioles replica Cooperstown collection jersey for my friend Chris ‘DadnCharge’ Bernholdt for Father’s Day.

Cal Ripken Jr 1982 Jersey for Father's Day Gift

What are you hoping to get or give to a fellow dad this Father’s Day? I betcha that eBay has all the gifts for dad you are dreaming of!

Thanks to eBay for sponsored this Father’s Day gift post. All opinions expressed within are honest and unbiased, as always. I was compensated for my time.

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