Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Oh Noah on PBS KIDS

When your kids get home from school today, give ’em the laptop or iPad. I know, I know, screen time blah blah blah.

But seriously, this is good stuff. So, no worries.


The PBS KIDS digital series Oh Noah has brand new content that is out of the world wonderful. Imagine a kid-friendly, Three’s Company style misunderstanding show, where a language barrier puts likeable characters into really funny and awkward situations. Neat, right? Now slide in some clever mini-games to immerse your child into Spanish language education and…BOOM, genius.

I’m not saying you need to slide over a bowl of freshly made guacamole and some chips to your kiddo while they watch and play Oh Noah today, on Cinco de Mayo, but if you’ve got some, I’ll gladly take a serving…or two. 😉

Oh Noah-family

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Oh Noah on PBSKIDS.org today or any day this month.

Be sure to start with the new 11-minute video “Making A Splash,” in which Noah goes from not knowing how to swim to performing tricks with a waterskiing team. Comic misadventures ensue!

Also, while Apple may have foolishly left out gingers from their new emoji update, Oh Noah shows redheads like my wife serious love with the great character Nell, Noah’s best bud. Just one more reason to love this creative bilingual digital series.

Check out all the Oh Noah activities, games, and videos on PBS KIDS.

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