Lessons from the Sabra Hummus Recall

Lessons from the Sabra Hummus Recall

“Looks like I picked a bad week to start binge eating hummus.”

My fake Airplane! quote aside, I’m not really the paranoid type by nature but it is breaking news like the Sabra Hummus recall that reminds me how much I don’t really (or shouldn’t as much) trust the industrial food supply in this country (and, for that matter, the world).

I eat a lot of hummus, Sabra​ hummus mostly, and a lot of pita. God do I love pita, especially the freshly made-still-warm pita from The Buffet at the Aria Casino and Resort in Vegas. I could live on that alone. Maybe. Ok, probably not. Still, soft pita and yummy hummus is my jam. My 11-year-old vegetarian daughter eats a lot of Sabra hummus too, because it is delish and also a bangin’ source of protein. But here’s the thing, kids, hummus is so damn easy and so damn inexpensive to make from scratch. Like stupidly easy. Here, here’s a zillion and a half hummus recipes to prove it. See?

This Sabra recall is a much needed reminder, one of many such reminders, that I should be producing, at home, more of what I consume and, in turn, rely less and less on factories and strangers and industry and multi-national corporations to feed me and my family.

Now, the trick is, it would seem, is to not let this reminder, like others that have come before it, slip into the ether in the way so much now does in the 24-second news cycle of the 21st century. Here’s the hummus recipe I bookmarked, one with sun-dried tomatoes that I will add roasted red peppers too because those are the food stuffs of the gods.

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