Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz

Internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei blends art and activism in his thought-provoking new exhibit created for, and located on, Alcatraz Island, both inside and out of the famed American prison.

The one-time home to Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Doc Barker and more of America’s most notorious criminals is, through April 26th, home to Ai Weiwei’s @Large exhibit that plays on the concepts of freedom and dissonance in a stunning, minimalist way. It is not to be missed.

If your plans take you anywhere near the Bay Area this month, be sure to swing into San Francisco, hop on a ferry, and visit Alcatraz for @Large before it is packed up on April 26th. The Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz exhibit is free with admission onto Alcatraz Island (which also includes the terrific audio tour).

Regrettably, we didn’t have the time to see all of the @Large exhibit pieces scattered across Alcatraz Island — only Stay Tuned, Illumination, Yours Truly and Blossom — but here is some of what I was able to see and capture with my Samsung NX1 camera.

Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Toilet Blossom Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Toilet Blossom Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Stay Tuned prison cell SAMSUNG CSC Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Water Tower Native Americans Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Yours Truly Girl Writing Postcard Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Yours Truly Postcards Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Sink Blossom Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Stay Tuned prison cell Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Steps and Shadows Ai Weiwei @Large Alcatraz Sink and Light Blossom




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