Big Hero 6 Is The Best Animated Movie of 2014

Big Hero 6 is the best animated movie of 2014

The trio of wide-release animated movies to hit theaters this fall is an early holiday gift for movie loving families. The Box Trolls is pure cinematic magic and The Book of Life is a feast for the senses, but Big Hero 6 is the best animated movie of 2014. I explain why in detail over on Cooper & Kid’s CATCH E-zine, but one reason I neglected to include there is the diversity of the characters and the non-stereotypical manner in which they are framed (save for Fred who exudes a classic SoCal stoner-dude vibe) — what a treat to see!

Go read my full review of Big Hero 6, discover all of the other ways to interact with Baymax, Hiro and the gang (like with these rad Big Hero 6 activity sheets!), and then go out and see Big Hero 6 in the theater this weekend!

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